Data Beach Reads


For the longest time my summer reading was an academic work titled something like “Global Capital Markets of the Czech Republic” It was about 8 inches by 11 inches, a gazillion pages with a teal hard cover. It was filled with amusing and bizarre stories about the policy blunders that took the Czech Republic from Communist to Capitalist. It was wonderful.

There’s still sand from the beach stuck between its pages.

There’s a point just after high school where the concept of summer reading goes from stuff that’s designed to educate you, to stuff that’s designed to be rather mindless.

So in the spirit of being oddballs we thought it might be fun to invite the internet to our book club 🙂

We’ll be reading Benjamin Peters‘s How Not to Network a Nation. And …oh… we’re going to give away a copy of the book too! Just in case you were wondering 😀 Follow the link below to enter!

Win a copy of How Not To Network a Nation

We’ll also been posting regular status updates as we read on GoodReads. Come follow along!

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