Proposal: Building Scalable Data Infrastructure Without Geeks

Original image by Tom Carmony

Every year there’s a technical conference just for the nonprofit community run by the Nonprofit Technology Enterprise Network. This year we had so much fun talking data with so many great organizations we submitted a session idea to the community for consideration at the 2016 conference. We’re calling it: Building Scalable Data Infrastructure Without Geeks

The most important decisions about an organization’s data are often made before the organization has enough money to hire an expert. Most of the advice small, cash strapped nonprofits get on how to manage their data is “buy this piece of software”, and yet it is possible to set up a scalable, developer/analyst friendly infrastructure MacGyver style from tools the nontechnical staff knows.

If you like this idea, we encourage you to vote for it. If it gets picked we’ll publish a companion blog post here with plenty of resources and advanced topics.

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