I Submit to Our Robot Overlords Because I’m Kind of Lazy

About a month ago I bought a robot vacuum. The damn thing is mesmerizing… the way it wonders around my apartment, getting into places I didn’t think it could, finding new ways to completely screw up my cowhide rug. The other day while cleaning it out I realized it had managed to suck up one of my battery pack adapters that must have fallen onto the floor.

It’s pretty amazing. I run it while I’m cleaning other things or when I hop in the shower and it cuts my list of chores down by at least one big task every week.

I’ve began to apply a similar philosophy to Exversion and last night you may have received the first of many regular robot assembled mailings.

We have never made good use of our mailing list, everyone on the team always has other things they would rather do first. And up until recently it was always such a chore to figure out what we should say… new feature alerts? Sure, but how often do those happen? We blog about them too so do we just copy and paste from the blog post or do we link the blog post or do we have to write whole new content just for the mailing? AGH.

A few weeks ago we started something called Thoughts from the Exversion Team because often we find ourselves wanting to write something about data, data science, or the multitude of data tools that exist but not wanting to write a whole blog post about it. The blog hooks into Facebook and Twitter. It seems bad form to spam everyone with three paragraph posts all the time. There might be one new blog post a week, there are sometimes two or three thoughts posted in a day.

Once that got started though, with Data Requests, Data Thoughts and actual freaking data we had enough content and enough diversity of content to put together an interesting regular mailing.

In addition to pulling the best of our own content, our mailing list also pulls the best data news of the week from HackerNews. So each week you’ll receive the best stories concerning the wide wonderful world of data, curated by a crowd of cynical hackers with impossibly high standards. That alone should make it worth while. Who wants to be on HackerNews all the time?

Of course the robot doesn’t have full control of the mailing list … that would get gross really quick. No, the robot assembles the campaign and then forwards it to me for my approval. So there’s always a human pair of eyes making sure the content is quality.

If you’re not on our mailing list, obviously now is the time to join.


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