And we’re off, Exversion is now available to everyone.


original photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

We’re absolutely ecstatic to announce that today, August 7th, we’ve moved from alpha to beta, and as such, have opened the platform up to everyone.

Until today, data was stored in independent silos across the Internet and was often inaccessible. With this launch we’ve made over 40,000 datasets easily searchable from a number of sources, and will be adding additional data in the coming progressively moving forward.

While this data is now searchable, much of it remains unusable and we ask that the community help us in cleaning up the worlds data. With the platform you are now able to upload file of up to 10MB in your browser, but more importantly now also have access to upload much larger datasets programatically.

We believe that by coming together as a community we are making a utility for anyone to easily access the data that is out there, that has been fragmented and non usable.

This move to open Exversion to the public, brings with it many changes to the platform’s API. Namely, we have move from bust being able to search and query data to now being able to push, edit, and join it. We’ve also deployed “Exversion Apps” which allows you to edit the content of datasets through our API, having to only register an app in order to authenticate via OAuth. Be sure to check out the new API documentation to get the most out of the API, and our FAQ, for some of the most frequently asked questions. We’ll be updating both in the near future.

As this is a public beta, we would like to ask you to please send any bugs you may have to either info @ or on our support google group.

And finally, we’d like to announce, that this evening, we’ll be presenting Exversion at the NYC Code for America Brigade, #BetaNYC Meetup, so if you’re around by all means stop by.


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