Developers, developers, developers — and the first Exversion Ruby Library

Exversion HackersWhile the video of an excited Steve Balmer shouting “Developers, Developers, Developers” has gone down in history of MSFT and software as a somewhat interesting moment, the man was right in that developers, simply put, rock.

As developers ourselves, we set out building Exversion on the Startup Bus without any plans for it outside of solving our own incessant pain points — those of easily managing open, remapped, and transformed data for use in our own applications — but the response from the developer community at SXSW and later on in NYC and SF made us acknowledge that we may in fact be onto something.

And since launching the closed alpha a bit over two weeks ago, a couple of really cool things happened. The first came in the form of our very own community-built ruby library for accessing the Exversion API. It was built by @bswinnerton and you can grab it here on GitHub. Thanks a million, Brooks!

Then, while hanging out at the Y Combinator offices in Mountain View, we wound up talking with the guys over at Vonjour, a great startup from LA that gives businesses a suite of free cloud-based phone solutions (like Google Voice, but free). What resulted was the following interview with their CTO, Adrian Rodriguez who was kind enough to go on video for us. And not just because we blackmailed him 😉

People like Adrian remind us daily that the hours we’re putting into this project will not go unrewarded or unappreciated. So a big thanks from everyone here at Exversion to all the devs out there who keep us moving forward and making this a reality.


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